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I do what I want, when I want. If your bad with me or my friends, your neck will be cut.
Bye, have a good day !

Next Gen Family, Oc's, everything ^^. I have a lot of imagination.

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Buggy as Jack
Hi there !

I tried to do Jack's outfit but it didn't turn so well X3. Well I'll do better next time ! I'm kinda happy how it turned out entirely, The body is fine and the head too. I inspired the pose by a pose of Buggy in the movie "3D2Y" cause too awesome. 

Buggy belongs to (c) One Piece 
Jack's outfit and background belongs to (c) Tim Burton
I lived
Alternate title : Healing

Hi there !

Here is me (yep me) with my heart healing. I passed so much bad moments but good too and I though "Why not pass the pain and live in the light ?". I was so stupid before saying that I don't deserve to live. Everyone deserve it, it's just that the pain is too strong. But .... why thinking we have to die ? If we are on earth it means that we have to live even if it's hard. We have to take the pain like the hapiness. If we can't feel pain it means you don't feel hapiness. 

Even if it's hard live the day like it was the last time. Stay with your friends. You ALWAYS have a friend that you can count on. 

I'm happy. 

I hope ya' like it !
*Do NOT steal or trace it or I'll kill you*
Hi there !

Here we are with my Diamond and my 4 prefer O.P Ocs of other people ! Osha is trying to kill Iris who fell in the water. Alice is nervous that Arlong see her in that form but Erika tells her that she stay beautiful in that way.

I tried to make a good cat design for everyone I hope ya' like it T^T.

Iris belongs to CrimsonxScorpion 
Osha belongs to OshanxUmi 
Erika belongs to RosiieChan 
Alice belongs to Alicetiger 
Diamond belongs to Meh 

I hope ya' like it !
*Do NOT steal or trace it or I'll kill you*
Some Ocs
Hi there !

Yeah, some Ocs. They are the most important in my stories and to my heart :

1 : Diamond, Kathina, Calithia, Pandora, Meï and Bird 

2 : Odale, Alissia, Ferice, Allia, Kaylis (that I TOTALLY redesigned) and Youknow

3 : Naria, Abyss, Karen, Ashley, Maly, Mérédith (same world with Maly) and Severy 

4 : Hal, Elisabeth, Lily (totally redesigned too), Inéa, Rebecca, Blue Fire and Moonstar 

And THE FIRST CHARACTER OF MY HEAD : Silvermoon. Master of Everything in my stories ect

I had a lot of fun while doing them. I just love doing facial expressions. 

I hope ya" like it !
*Do NOT steal or trace it or I'll kill you*
Who will fix me now ?
Hi there !

Here again with our poor Josh in a desesperate situation. Buggy and Nick were killed and Josh found them. They were the only ones that helped him and now, he's alone. 

Helped by the acoustic version of "Drown - Bring me the Horizon"

Josh belongs to (c) Until Dawn
Buggy belongs (c) One Piece 
Nick belongs to (c) Left 4 Dead

I hope ya' like it !
*Do NOT steal or trace it or I'll kill you*
Got tagged by Spinnenpfote6

1. you have to post ALL the RULES
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve of your own to tag other users to reply
3. Choose 12 victims to tag muahahaha u r evil
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people or die
5. You can NOT say you don't do tags, becuz dats bad!!1!  
6. Tag backs are TOTALLY ALLOWED 'k?
1. Is your OC/Fursona an animal, anthro or human?
My fursona can be anything BOOM

2. Favorite YouTuber?
Hum ... Squeezie ?
3. Do you like creepypastas?
I have some Ocs so I thing I like creepypastas X3
4. Did the new year start good or bad for you?
5. Have you got a celebrity crush?
Hum ..... °Buggy, Josh and Nick°
6. What do you think of painful pasts for OCs?
A lot of my Ocs have painful pasts so I think it can be ok
7. Did you ever got bullied/annoyed/insulted by someone on DeviantArt? If yes, how?
Not on ... Deviant ???
8. Are you popular or a loner?
I'm unknown
9. Do you like merchandise or do you think it is just used for milking money?
I guess .... It can be the two ?
10. Have you got some weird/creepy movie/TV-show character you love and who nobody really likes/talks about/ knows/ cares about? (Like me and Waylon Sr. ya know)
11. Do you like cats? :3
12. Thoughts about the popular movie "Frozen"?
I loved this movie ^^


What do you think of Josh Washington in Until Dawn ?

Go watch Ihnfsa of Kyte. How is it ?

More painful past of any characters (realy characters) for you ? (in mangas, movies ect)

Until Dawn, The Last of Us or Left 4 Dead (1 and 2) ?

Most Hurfull death in Warrior Cats ?

My heart make me bad (sad)... can you help me ?

Have you ever visited France ?

What's your prefer Oc ? Only One

Water, Fire, Air or Nature ?

Yin or Yang ?

Throat cut, belly cut or head cut (deadly) ?

Mother or Father  ?

Alright, I tag:




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